Our story

The Norman Center, which includes the Health Care Center and the Rehabilitation and Medical Center, received the first Patients in 1993. Established by Norman Łoziński, the institution is based on the SPIDER device, which Director Łoziński is a constructor. The SPIDER device has been recognized all over the world as a breakthrough in the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy, and in the long-term in the neurological rehabilitation of various types of diseases (in particular, stroke).

The therapeutic programs used in the center are based on over 25 years of experience.

One of the directions of development was the creation of a place where patients using stationary stays will feel at home. We have become the precursors of such a solution and as the only centers in the world, we have created conditions for our patients as close to home as possible. Lack of hospital character positively affects the patient’s psyche, thanks to which rehabilitation is more efficient.

Thanks to the effectiveness of our rehabilitation programs supported by the SPIDER device, we have gained a reputation in many countries around the world, in particular in Poland, the United States, Great Britain and the Arab countries.

range of spider therapy rehabilitation

range of Spider Rehabilitation

We conduct rehabilitation in the form of stationary stays with accommodation and food, as well as outpatient stays. We accept walking and non-walking patients. As one of the few centers on the market, we do not disqualify patients because of their health condition, and the only required document is the consent of the attending physician for physical rehabilitation. Thanks to this approach, we have helped hundreds of people who, despite the poor prognosis, are in a much better state of health today.

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